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In the next years there are two astrological positions of importance. They are:

1.  the entrance of Neptune in Pisces on February 3, 2012 (Neptune will remain in Pisces till 2025)

2.  Uranus square Pluto in June and September 2012, May and November 2013, April and December 2014 and March 2015

Uranus-Pluto combinations mean dramatic change, impulsivity, revolt and an alarming state of danger. That is what we learn (see Astropost.blogspot.com for examples) when it is about the charts of indiviuals. But what really happened to the world when Uranus and Pluto met in history?



In history the ‘radical’ Uranus-Pluto combination showed up during the rise of the Nazi’s and the Beat Generation and when ancient Rome was destroyed.

1. Sack of Rome

In 410 Saturn, together with Pluto, was square Uranus. This Uranus-Saturn-Pluto combination altered the balance of power in the world and finished the position of power of Ancient Rome.

2. The Uranus-Pluto square of the early 30’s of last Century mirrored the rise of the Nazi’s in Europe. The square was between Aries (sic…think of the Arians) and Cancer and the final hit was in January of 1934. In that month (says Wikipedia):

On 30 January 1934, Chancellor Hitler formally centralized government power to himself with the Gesetz über den Neuaufbau des Reichs (Act to Rebuild the Reich) by disbanding Länder (federal state) parliaments and transferring states’ rights and administration to the Berlin central government.

3.  The People’s Republic of China began October 1, 1949, with the Sun in the 8th degree of Libra, square transit Pluto in January/February and square transit Uranus mid 2012. In about 3 years time the progressed Sun of China will be square Saturn, with transit Neptune in Pisces square the progressed Sun. The state will be subject to revolutionary change…Recently in China there were protests against local authorities, by the way.

4. The Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965/1966, opposition Mao’s Sun, introduced the Cultural Revolution in China*) and the upcoming ‘beat generation’ in Europe (a sort of a cultural revolution, too). The conjunction was in Virgo, during the final conjunction,in the month that both Uranus and Pluto went direct and started separating.


In the article on this site, about Neptune in Pisces in history you may read about previous entrances of Pisces’ ruler in it’s own sign and the ideology or religion based revolutions that occurred in those years. The Holy League, the Aztek civilization, the death of Saladin, Muslims besetting Europe and constitutional change…

My conclusion was that the move of Neptune from Aquarius to Pisces moved ideologies and religions. And that it often were great moves…I added that there was a more and more important role for the media (ruled by Neptune), increasing the impact of the change.


In 2012 and 2013 there are two astrological symbols of change: Uranus square Pluto for cultural change and Neptune in Pisces for moves in ideologies and religions (related to revolutionary change). Does that mean a double chance to see revolts and social unrest? Nobody really knows. And if someone knew, he or she would not really know where and when. Astrological aspects and charts must always be seen in the light of a situation and of personal conditions (like gender, genes, culture and individual chart). It happens to be a period of unrest because of the crisis, so that we would expect to see revolt and social unrest without consulting the horoscope, anyway. And think of this:

how many revolutionans happened without Uranus-Pluto aspects and with Neptune everywhere but in the first degrees of Neptune?

There are two important revolutions without them.

1.The USA started without Uranus-Pluto or Neptune in Pisces.

2. The USSR didn’t need a Uranus-Pluto or Neptune in Pisces, either.

Nasty events happened without Uranus-Pluto and in the 60s (when the Chinese had to deal with Mao’s cultural revolution) economy was on the rise. Every period in history is unique and there are never is never the same combination in an astrological chart. Statistiques can never be used the other way around. The future is a dynamic process and we are always too late to forsee the next step. Nobody predicted the Tsunami or the Twin Towers or what happened in Haiti. We only know that in the early spring of 2015 Uranus and Pluto’s square will be separating and Neptune will be in the 6th degree (away from the dynamic first 5) of Pisces. I’ll be back on this subject in 2015 (I hope:). That is when we know what really happened. And as there are disasters, wars, social unrest, dramatic changes, strikes and revolutions somewhere in the world, always, it will be hard to show the relationship with the Uranus-Pluto square…

Eventually, any hard aspect between Uranus and Pluto issues the value and problem of change, and the price to pay for it.



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