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Welcome! It would be nice if astrology could help you win the lottery so that you could plan your lucky day and choose a lucky bird’s chart to get the numbers. This article is about astrology, charts, horoscopes and winning the lottery. How did the charts of winners show that they would win millions one day? Let us see..and don’t forget to read the story of the winner with bad luck!  Recently I added an example of not being happy in spite of winning, on Astropost.blogspot.com

One of the most desired things in the world is: to win the lottery. And one of the most searched and read posts on Astropost is about astrology and winning the lottery, perhaps because people hope to find out how their sunsign might win millions or what their lucky number is. This article can’t help them. This is a study of the charts of winners in the lottery. Are they lucky birds? No, not all of them are. For example: Abraham Shakespeare (born April 23, 1966) who was found murdered, by his girl friend for the money ater winning the lottery (an amount of 31 million dollar). Read the story on Polk Sheriff…. and read about his chart here. There is no indication for a lucky (!) winner in the natal chart, transits and progressions. Lucky winners have Jupiter-Uranus combinations in the natal chart and in progressions/transits. And an Englishman ended with all the millions spent and …in jail, but at least he enjoyed the money (too much, with Venus inconjunct Jupiter). So if you win without the ‘lucky winner’  in your chart, take care! Oh yes, unfortunately, having Jupiter-Uranus and a lottery number doesn’t make you a millionair. It never works the other way around!


Did you ever win the lottery? I did not. But I happen to know the charts of 2 lucky birds and the day of birth of another one. So now I can see if there is any chance at all and make a decision about buying tickets or not. However, 3 is not a crowd:)And the 3 winner all won many millions. That, maybe, leaves the hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros and pounds for the owners of the less fortunate charts. With a ticket in the lottery people buy a moment of hope for more, without having to work hard, be a criminal or having a great talent. What is luck? I think that it is reflected by Jupiter-Uranus.


The three charts convinced me that you need to have a ‘lucky chart’ to start with. All three of them have Jupiter-Uranus as the reflection of winning the lottery. Jupiter-Uranus is accompanied by Mercury-Jupiter and Mars-Jupiter aspects. Those are – in general – lucky combinations for successful decisions. Yes, some persons seem to have all the luck…

Natal charts don’t tell it all, of course. You also need to buy a ticket:) and have rather fortunate transits and progressions of the kind that show a change in life and lifestyle. Even if you planned not to change your lifestyle, your life changes because you have one important thing to worry about less: money! But a study of the lucky natal charts gives the impression that it helps to have a lucky chart from the start. How often do we read about someone who wins time after time? And how many of us never win, not a dime? That is the difference!:)


The natal charts of the winners are similar when it comes to certain aspects: Mercury-Jupiter, Mars-Jupiter, Jupiter-Uranus, (all for success), Venus-Saturn (for carefull manangement of the moneyJ) and Venus-Pluto (the money combination). The Venus inconjunct Jupiter guy spent all his money on parties… All have midpoint or aspect combinations of Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. And that is not all. A lucky fixed star and a lot of trines complete the picture. More details below.


There is only one complete case with a known chart and a known lucky number date, I am afraid. In that chart, of course, the facts are corresponding with meaningful transits and progressions referring to positive changes (and stress, excitement, too).


I have a lot of indications like that (but not all of them). I had transits and progressions like that recently (but not all together in a short period of time). I didn’t win the lottery. I didn’t (even if was so close to matches with the winners), so there is still a chance that you are the One. Statistics don’t work the other way around and perhaps the results of this study would be completely different if we had the charts of 100 winners. Nevertheless: the aspects are not surprising. They ARE lucky aspects in astrology. These aspects accompanied the potential winners on their lucky day.

So we can’t be sure and why would we care. What would be a ‘sudden windfall’ if you could calculate it and if it would not be a surprise anymore? 

For more detailled info about the winner’s charts, continue…or click...


Abraham Shakespeare was not lucky. There were dangerous people after his money…He disappeared in April 2009 and it seems today that they found his body burried in a garden in Plant City. The transits of Saturn and Pluto with natal Mars and the square of progressed Sun with Uranus are reflecting the fact that he is in the news today (Uranus) because of unnatural death (Mars with Saturn and Pluto).

In November 2006 when he won the lottery there were little indications for joy. Progressed Jupiter was square natal Mercury (for successful idea), but Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto both were semi square the natal Saturn. Also, transit Saturn was inconjunct natal Saturn. That is reflecting the bitter side of success and ‘sudden windfall’… and the disadvantages of status and ambition.

Another bad sign is transit Pluto square natal Saturn. There is an affliction of transit Saturn and Pluto with his natal Saturn and Nodes. It doesn’t ‘ sound’ like a happy winner at all. Those are aspects reflecting serious problems.*)

In the natal charts of the other 3 lottery winners I found:

1. Mercury-Jupiter

Abraham Shakespeare has no combination of Mercury-Jupiter.

2. Mars-Jupiter

There is no such combination in the chart of Shakespeare

3. Jupiter-Uranus

But, Abraham Shakespeare doesn’t have a Jupiter-Uranus aspect or midpoint combination. Mabye Jupiter and Uranus are in aspect with the Ascendant, but we don’t know.

4. Venus-Saturn

Venus is making a wider conjunction with Saturn> (the sextile with Neptune is the bridge between the two).

5. Venus-Pluto

The combination of earning or getting money is Venus-Pluto.

Abraham Shakespeare has Venus opposition Pluto, tightly!

In fact, Abraham Shakespeare has only 2 out of 5 of the above mentioned aspects: Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces and opposition Pluto. Of course, I don’t know if the other winners had problems because of the demands of family, friends, neighbours en the danger of criminals who were after the money. But Abraham Shakespeare had all of those problems. And it is easy to read Venus, Saturn and Pluto together as the nasty side of having and wanting money. There is no compensation for this (like in the charts of the other winners, as reflected by successful combinations of Jupiter with Mercury, Mars or Uranus!)


Saturn is the oriental planet and Saturn is inconjunct Quaoar. Perhaps this is a ‘ mene tekel’ : bad luck is linked to changes with a lost involved.

(AHW! Somehow this chart doesn’t seem to be a lucky winners’ chart at all. )

*)(I read that a former co-worker accused him of having stolen the winning ticket and he had to defend himself in court in 2008 for this. He has Mercury sesquisquare Neptune and that is the kind of combination that I see more often in the charts of suspects)


Be careful what you wish for and don’t buy (or find) a ticket in the lotery if your chart doesn’t reflect lucky changes. And avoid persons like Dorice Donegon Moore.

Dorice Donegan Moore was born July 25, 1972., says Websleuths. She is the Florida woman arrested for the murder of Abraham Shakespeare, the lottery winner with bad luck…This is not a ‘who-dun-it’. I like to find an explanation for the reason why she was Shakespeare’s friend and to see if the suspicion matches with the possible profile as seen in her chart (and that is mostly also the way people see you). Here you see the positions on their days of birth.

Dorice Donegan Moore has Venus and Saturn rising before the Sun. The Venus-Saturn combination refers to business related to love and relationships (a business woman or a woman in business). Her natal Sun is in aspect with Saturn (semi square) and Uranus (quintile) reflecting a period of limited freedom. The amount of sextiles in her chart might reflect the quest for the easy way out (or in): I mean, to achieve something without much effort. The Capricorn Moon with the Leo Sun is an ambitious combination, however. A relationship with a not very intelligent millionaire is a great way to get rich without having a 9 to 5 job. (Of course, the chart of a day of birth just shows a potential or profile and the Ascendant, MC, positions in the chart, genes, gender, social and economical conditions and more, all have a great influence in the way that the blueprint turns into the eventual individual. So don’t worry if you were born on her day, too).


A very good reason for becoming friends is the possible trine between their Moons. Moons in the same sign or in a corresponding sign are moons that feel at home together. Friends often share moonsigns. That is A match, but they didn’t match much. His Sun is square hers (who was the boss?). Her Venus is square his (different taste). Her Mars is square his (hot hit at first, fighting later). Her Jupiter is opposition his (differences of conviction).

But more significant are the conflicting combinations of planets, like:

  • Her Mars and Saturn are in conflict with his Venus and Pluto. Mars-Saturn is related to death. Venus-Pluto is the money combination.
  • His Saturn is in conflict with her midpoint Venus/Pluto. Venus/Pluto is the combination of money issues.
  • But there is more: her Neptune is inconjunct his Sun!


The Sun is trine Neptune in her chart: she might be a great actress… Perhaps she even loves dogs and she has a vivid imagionation. Coincidence or not: her Neptune in the 3rd of Sagittarius is inconjunct his Sun in the 3rd of Taurus. Her ability (trine) to realize her dreams (Sun-Neptune) cost him (inconjunct) his life (Sun). Sun inconjunct Neptune is reflecting the ‘fallen angle’. It is obvious that such a combination in synastry is very disappointing at least.

All in all, she is a serious person trying to find an easy way to live up to her standards and she met a millionaire who was not able to control his millions and who found a place to stay in her house. But why kill him? Marrying him would have been easier to do. Unfortunately, they didn’t match THAT much. That might explain what followed.


1. Mercury-Jupiter

(2 times conjunction, 1 very narrow trine)

2. Mars-Jupiter

Mars parallel, inconjunct Jupiter and sesquisquare Jupiter within 2 degrees of orb: for success

3. Jupiter-Uranus

Two times Jupiter conjunct (and one parallel, too) Uranus and one Jupiter trine Uranus, all within 2.25 degrees orb (the combination of sudden windfall) In the charts with known hours of birth Jupiter and Uranus are in aspect with the Ascendant. Astrodatabank-source’s Jupiter and Uranus are in the house of games (the 5th house) and Pluto rules his 9th), so that there is a lucky 5-9-house combination.

4. Venus-Saturn

Venus-Saturn (conjunct/parallel and sextile but no aspect in the chart of the third winner – who BTW seems to have spent most of it in a few years time) The 3rd winner has Venus and Saturn ‘calling’ (not making major aspects in sign and within 5 degrees orb). He also has Venus inconjunct Jupiter, symbol of too many parties!)

5. Venus-Pluto

The combination of earning or getting money is Venus-Pluto. The Englishman has Venus quindecile Pluto (so that he will be strongly focussed on money issues).

The French lady has Sun between Venus and Pluto, mirroring ‘being surrounded by money’ or a life in the middle of ‘money issues’. The American has Venus in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto).

This is a combination of 5 found in all 3, and here are more similarities…


The Astrodatabank-source and the French lady have midpoint combinations of Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

1. Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune

He has Sun sesquisquare Jupiter/Uranus and square Jupiter/Neptune

She has Uranus semi square Sun/Jupiter and Sun sesquisquare Jupiter/Neptune


2. Ascendant Jupiter, Uranus and Midheaven

He has Ascendant-Jupiter/MC and Uranus/MC

She has Ascendant-Jupiter/Uranus


3. Ascendant Pluto and Midheaven

His Pluto is sesquisquare AC/MC

Her Ascendant is square Pluto/MC

Without a birth time we can’t know the Ascendant or Midheaven (MC), unfortunately for the English young man. There is a different kind of combination of Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in his chart:

a. the Sun trine Jupiter and Uranus (also Mercury and Mars in a narrow aspect with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction)

b. Neptune in Sagittarius rises before the Sun, right after Jupiter. That is another way to make a Jupiter-Neptune combination important.

This combination of Jupiter and Uranus seems to be very fortunate. And an inconjunction of Venus (in Taurus) and Jupiter (in Sagittarius) might mean that you get a disproportionate amount of money to spend on fun (like in the chart of the Englishman).


The Midheaven of the French woman is in the 24th degree of Libra, on the fixed star Arcturus. Arcturus promises richness (http://users.winshop.com.au/annew/new_page_1.htm). And Dane Rudyhar’s idea of this degree is about a butterfly with an extra wing. Yes, with an extra amount of money you have more abilities to fly away…Another interesting thing in her chart is that Quaoar is in a narrow hard aspect with Jupiter and Uranus. Quaoar creates new worlds, new realities, and Jupiter/Uranus makes it a pleasant change.

The Englishman has 5 trines within 5 degrees orb! His Sun 160 d Pluto (quatri novile) means ‘rejoicing to be a winner’. The amount of trines is maybe the reason why it was ‘easy come, easy go’…


A. On the day of the lottery (February 1993 for mr. Astrodatabank-source):

– transit Pluto was trine Jupiter and Uranus.

In the progressed chart Jupiter had gotten closer to perfect the natal trine.

– transit Jupiter was opposition Moon for a lucky moment due to others.

– primary Jupiter was sextile natal Uranus in 1993 for relief and positive change.

– transit Uranus conjunct progressed Sun and that caused a lot of upheaval and change.

– transit Pluto sextile Progressed Midheaven offers an easy way out of problems and a change (again)

– transit Jupiter sextile progressed Sun is reflecting a pleasant result.

– solar return chart for birthday in 1992 had Pluto opposition Midheaven and that is for change again and for stress, too.

– solar return chart for birthday in 1993 had Jupiter conjunct Ascendant. That is a symbol of well being.


B. The Englishman (chart without hour of birth, Midheaven, Moon or Ascendant) had in the month of the lucky ticket:

– transit Uranus sextile Mars (and Mars is sesquisquare Jupiter and Uranus in his natal chart) for sudden action.

– transit Neptune sextile the natal Sun (for an easy escape into a world of dreams, making your dreams come true the easy way)

– progressed Sun was in the final 3 degrees of a sign, reflecting a period of changing lifestyle.

– a growing opposition with natal and progressed Pluto (another sign of changing times and challenges).

Perhaps there was a transit of Jupiter with the Moon or Midheaven, but we don’t know the positions of Moon and Midheaven. His fortune was perhaps not always fortunate. Four years after winning he had to spend 6 months in jail for affray!

C. The moment that the French lady won, is unknown.

PS Source is ‘Astrology and gambling’ for the person who was born December 5 1954 at 12h19 in Brighton (73W57 en 40N35). The French lady was born in Forbach, August 4 1950 at 17h08 (source Astrolab). The data of the Englishman were found on Wikipedia.

PPS Another lucky winner’s chart has been published on Astropost.blogspot.com on February 10, 2012. This man also had a natal Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune combination. And more…see http://astropost.blogspot.com/2012/02/another-lucky-winners-chart.html


Nothing more fun than the chart of a lottery winner. One more added:

A mrs. Lucky Lottery born October 29, 1949 won millions in the Cleveland lottery on February 28, 1990. Her chart has the same kind of aspects as the above. You see:

1. Jupiter Uranus

– Jupiter is quatronovile Uranus (160d)

– Jupiter/Uranus is conjunct Neptune in the Vth house and opposition Node

– Sun is binovile Jupiter and trine Uranus

2. Mercury square Jupiter, Mars biquintile Jupiter: two more indications of success

3. Venus trine Pluto and there is a wider square with Saturn

In other words: she was born with some indications for making fortune or having success in life, together with the benefits of speculation and possible sudden windfall.


The ruler of the second house is the Moon and Moon is on Midheaven, opposition Pluto and sextile Venus, signaling the importance of financial change.


Her transits and progression for the day of winning the lottery are rather challenging and not at all tight or exact:

– Progressed MC square Uranus

– Progressed Ascendant square Mercury

– Transit Saturn opposition Progressed Ascendant

– Transit Saturn semi sextile Venus and square Mercury

– Transit Neptune sesquisquare Progressed AC/MC

– Transit Pluto inconjunct Ascendant

– Transit Jupiter/Uranus opposition Progressed Midheaven

What we see is changing position, a message, the end of a situation, saying goodbye, a period of dreams and isolation, a situation being challenged with possible danger, positive change in position.

This can all be true. When you are a winner, your position changes the right way but you may also find that people want to claim your money and demand help or a part of it. It all gives a lot of stress (Pluto) and tension (Uranus). Also you may stop your activities, move to another place, feel some distance…

You still want to win the lottery?:)

PS For those who want to see more of such charts: there is one more today (July 2012) on Astropost…

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