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Welcome! This article is dedicated to Pholus to show the ‘Pholus-effect’ in natal charts and in transit.

Pholus is (just) an asteroid. Pholus was a centaur in the myths. In astrology Pholus is the symbol of turning points (of no return) – the catalyst – and of shooting your own foot… Pholus is there when a bottle is uncorked. That is the theory. And I think that the examples here are in line with that theory.

As you can see on the web Pholus is very very small and orbs should be taken equally small. Pholus is one the additional objects that you can choose on when you make a chart there. There is an interesting page on Wikipedia dedicated to Pholus. Pholus is linked to:

– the small start of a major event (like the butterfly and the huricane)

– a turning point (like the first domino stone in a range)

– a situation involving three generations at the time (grandparents, parents, children)

– curing certain addictions

– something that happens and you can’t get a hold on it and it is escalating (like throwing the first stone in a revolution)

– the catalyst (something that triggers a lot of events)

In the myth Pholus shoots his own foot. In various ways the astrological Pholus symbolizes shooting your own foot, too (see the examples).

I read somewhere that Pholus might also be regarded as an intense sort of Pluto. Pluto, in astrology, rules the 8th house of life and death and sexuality (and the sign Scorpio). Pholus often seems to be mirroring sexual issues, too. The chart of Pope Benedict, with Pholus on Midheaven and transit Pholus square progressed Midheaven when the sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church became an international problem that ‘shot the foot’ of the church, is an impresssing example, I think.

It is perhaps odd that such a small object is reflecting the ‘sparkling bubble’ that is creating a flood, but the size of the object has never influenced the resonation of Pluto, either. And there is correspondence between the position of Pholus and real life events, as you can see in the examples.

Here are the results of the study of examples of Pholus ‘activities’, taken from my blog The example charts on Astropost are those of Whoopy Goldberg, Berlusconi, John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Yoko Ono, L.Ron Hubbard, Susan Boyle, Father Murphy, Maradonna, John Terry, John Boehner, John Sheehan, Dennis Kucinich, Ricky Martin and the Dresden bombing in WWII. I think that Susan Boyle’s chart is the best example of them all: Pholus on Midheaven.

The examples above (more explicit below) lead to the conclusion that the aspects with Pholus have the following meanings:


Pholus+ …=:

  • Pholus + Sun: turning point in honour or lifestyle/health, something starts changing your life. In some cases the persons sex life was in the spotlight
  • Pholus+Moon: altering your needs, a turning point in habits
  • Pholus + Mercury: turning point in communications, something starts changing your ideas
  • Pholus + Venus: turning point in preferences or relations (with women); something or someone changes your preferences
  • Pholus + Mars: turning point in a battle (and with the inconjunction: getting hurt!) or sexlife; something starts changing your drives and energy
  • Pholus + Jupiter: turning point in conviction; something starts changing your convictions
  • Pholus+ Saturn: turning point in a career
  • Pholus+Uranus: sudden and unexpected change (perhaps due to an accident)
  • Pholus+Neptune: turning point in beliefs and ideals
  • Pholus+Pluto: dramatic turning point: the prize (or the price to pay) forcing a turning point (?), the pyrrhic victory
  • Pholus + Midheaven: turning point in a (domestic) career; something or someone changes your position in society
  • Pholus + Ascendant: coming out (at a certain point)
  • Pholus in synastry: the strong influence of someone, changing your life in a direct way.

Here is a list of posts (published on my blog about Pholus:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mercury and Pholus of Whoopi Goldberg

Oops, Whoopi Goldberg confessed that she has been untrue, too! I couldn’t believe it just like that, I just had to see her chart. And there he was: Pholus, now conjunct her progressed Mercury (symbol of communications). It was perhaps a statement that was ‘ bubbling up’; sort of a message in bottle, uncorked just like that…

The conjunction of Progressed Mercury and natal Pholus reveals a mental turning point. Pholus is also semi sextile her progressed Sun and transit Saturn is semi square her natal Sun/Moon midpoint (and that might make her family life a little colder today).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

L.Ron Hubbard’s chart

LAFAYETTE RON HUBBARD, founder of Scientology, was born 13 March 1911, 2:01, Tilden, Nebraska USA. I had a look at his chart before (related to the chart of Tom Cruise, one of his followers), but it is almost Easter and time for fresh new looks, isn’t it? Also, Scientology is news again (and Uranus is square his progressed Sun), and I like to see where Pholus is in charts.

Did you know that Jupiter is conjunct Pholus in his chart and that this is the tightest applying aspect? It is the reflection of a twist in conviction with a bubbling effect:).


And that in 1951 when he turned from pop therapist to religious leader, transit Pholus was square progressed Sun.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chart of Ricky Martin’s coming out

Ricky Martin’s coming out is reflected by Pholus and Quaoar (now at 21d35m Sagittarius) on either side of the Descendant, both symbols of new realities and turning points like coming outs/breaking trough, things that come out of the closet, or … important changes in general. Pholus is semi square AC/MC: there is a vital turning point. Progresses Sun/Moon is semi square transit Pluto for being motivated to transform (and for the stress that this change brings, too). There were at least 3 signs of changing times.


Berlusconi’s winning chart

I have been reading Berlusconi’s chart before , so I just refer to that today, now that he won the regional elections in spite of what the media predicted (maybe wishful thinking?). How come?

(There are a lot of astrological reasons, but this one is for Pholus):

Pholus sextile his progressed Mars on AC/MC (Easy twist of faith in a battle, but with the danger of shooting own feet)

It seems that easy aspects of Pholus help you win the polls.

Maradonna’s dog bite

I don’t want to ‘ blame’ Pholus for everything, now that I recently ‘ discovered’ this object. Fixed star Sirius also was important in the incident with Diego Maradonna’s dog. Neptune contributed, too. And there were supporting transits avoiding worse than bitten lips. But still, transit Pholus is exactly inconjunct the natal Mars of Maradonna, now that he has been bitten by one of his own dogs. I think that bite might change the way that he plays (or fights) with his dogs form now on..

Other indications for getting hurt and animals are transit Neptune almost and transit Chiron exactly square the DD-rated Ascendant given by Astrodatabank.

Lucky besides: progressed Venus is conjunct natal Pholus, maybe that helped and so did transit Jupiter conjunct the Moon in Pisces (and square Mercury). Maradonna had some lucky stars on his side (though it might feel bad:(

With Sun conjunct Neptune there might be a tendency to be too close to animals in general, especially in times when progressed Mars is conjunct Sirius, like here. Sirius is one of the fixed stars related to dog bites (see

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pholus and Susan Boyle

I am a Pholus-fan these days, so I post a lot about this astroid, without getting bored or tired, sorry!:) It is because I find so many examples that convince me of the effect: a turning point, starting change.

Today I had another look at the chart of Susan Boyle, who is moving out of the house that she has always been living in (with transit Uranus on top of her chart and Pholus sextile Midheaven. She is almost celebrating her birthday.

Here it is: Pholus on Midheaven.

Has there been a better example of a turning point like in the life of Susan Boyle, yet? Pholus is also quintile Venus: the turning point was related to talent in a creative way. And it was! In line with Pholus’ meaning, it was like if the cork dropped off a bottle of champagne.

Father Lawrence Murphy’s passions

Astrology and statistics never work the other way around. Here is an example of a priest who abused hundreds of boys without a Venus-Pluto aspect in the natal chart, like in the cases mentioned in an earlier post. However, Father Murphy (not the television character) had progressed Venus quindecile Pluto at age 25, when he became a priest. And he had Venus and Mars calling; that is for passion at any possible level, somehow and anyhow.



Now we have the portrait of a priest who is forbidden to have sex, a priest with passion at any possible level. With so much passion and drive, perhaps with homosexual fantasies he became the father (Saturn rising before the Sun, conjunct Saturn) of many poor boys with the restriction that he shouldn’t marry, during a transit of Saturn square natal Sun in 1950 and progressed Sun inconjunct natal Pluto. That was also with transit Pholus conjunct his progressed Venus: a turning point in love, preferences, and in the way that he dealt with women. Transit Pluto was square progressed Mars in that year, too. Who knows what happened? The two forces of his passion (preference/desire and drive) came together with the two forces of change (Pholus and Pluto) in the year that he was down or being restricted while his life (progressed Sun) changed (Pluto) in a disproportionate way (inconjunction). In 1952 he started the abuse, he said. That was when progressed Mars reached the Sun-Saturn conjunction and sex (Mars) came into his life as a father. In 1952 Progressed Mercury was conjunct Pholus and transit Pholus was semi square the natal Sun: there was a twist of mind and a frustrating turning point in life and sex was being highlighted after efforts to control the drive.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pholus, Quaoar and The Beatles

The Beatles were a turning point in the history of music and they shaped a new reality in the business of entertainment. Maybe that is why Pholus and Quaoar are so important in the charts of the main songwriters of the group.


Pholus seems to be the symbol of the turning point, a moment in life to remember. John Lennon and Paul McCartney both lost their mother when they were teenagers. That is something that they share. Their charts have an A-rating in Astrodatank and that is not an AA-rated chart, but if they are correct, these are the similarities related to Pholus, the lost of their mother and the impact of their careers in music.

Pholus is in the 4th house (also a house related to a parent) of Paul McCartney.

Pholus is on top of John Lennon’s chart (in the 10th house, a parental house), semi square AC/MC and square natal Sun: his life is strongly and possibly in a challenging way, connected to the symbol of Pholus and what this asteroid is representing.

Progressed ruler 1 and 10 (Mercury) was inconjunct Pholus when Lennon’s mother died.

Transit Pholus was sesquisqare progressed AC/MC of McCartney when his mother died.

This is marking a crucial turning point.

It doesn’t surprise me much that Yoko Ono’s Pholus is exactly on the IC, square the Ascendant in the 9th degree of Capricorn (same pattern as John has), quindecile the Midheaven of Paul McCartney and less than 2 degrees from the MC of John Lennon. Pholus, the issue of the turning point, joined their lives.

Monday, March 22, 2010

John Boehner’s Pholus

Hell, no! John Boehner, leader of the Republicans, yesterday. But there was a yes…That happens with his progressed Sun conjunct natal Pholus, reflecting that he is on a turning point in life. And it happened with transit Uranus quindecile Mars (for rather obsessed short fused anger).

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Pholus of John J. Sheehan

With Pholus in the air it seems to be easy sometimes to shoot in your own foot, like Pholus did…

Pholus’ name looks a bit like phallus. I read somewhere that Pholus works like a strong shot of Pluto. Perhaps that is why this is the second example of sex as the catalyst of a lot of fuss. The first one was John Terry’s transit Pholus conjunct natal Sun. John Terry’s Pholus transit highlighted his personal sex life. Former general John Sheehan’s Venus opposition Pholus was triggered by a Pholus transit(not a conjunction) yesterday. He spoke of the sex life of others. Opposition often deal with ‘others’ and their effect on you.

Former general John J. Sheehan (with Sun conjunct Mars, Pluto rising before Sun and Venus and Mars semi-sextile Pluto) is a real macho and has his preferences. He is strongly against homosexuals in the army. And he bases that on experience, he said. He attributes the fall of Sebrenica to homosexuals in the Dutch army. Yesterday he told the Senate Armed Services Comity that ‘the Dutch’ also told him so and named one “Hankman Berman” as his source. The former chief of staff Henk van Breemen, denies to have said so. You can see Sheehan and what he said on this video:

Now: was this Pholus (again)? Yes indeed.

Pholus has a prominent position on the day of birth of Sheehan: all alone against all othersJ

…and in strong opposition with the planet of love and preferences: Venus!

Right now transit Pholus is making aspects with 4 positions in his natal chart.

Transit Pholus is now in the 16th degree of Sagittarius (15+) and that is inconjunct the natal Pholus and progressed Pholus and …transit Pholus is the Apex of a Yod with the radix Venus and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Sheehan. In the natal chart of Sheehan Pholus is sesquisquare the Sun, opposition Venus and trine Jupiter and Saturn within less than 1 degree orb. So this transit of Pholus hits the Sun (105d), too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dennis Kucinich changes his mind: Pholus?

Now that I am in the mood for Pholus, I see Pholus everywhere. I see Pholus in the chart of Dennis Kucinich now that transit Pholus is sextile his Sun and trine his Ascendant, now that he changed his mind about the Health Care Bill, not because it is the best bill there is, but because he doesn’t want to stand in the way of progress. See The Huffington Post…. That is substantial change during the transit of Pholus. Robert von Heeren mentions ‘a turning point in life’ for this transit and in this case he is certainly right.

Dresden, Pholus and Varuna

Not more than 200.000 but 25.000 people of different nationalities (Germans and prisoners) were killed during the bombings of Dresden on February 13, 14 and 15 1945, an investigation team found out and published in an official report. It happened decades ago and Dresden has been restored, but at the time it must have been like living hell. Many of the bombs were incendiaries and they created a fire storm. The bombing has always been controversial, because of the number of lost lives of civilians. Pholus, Varuna and Uranus were in tight aspect with the meridian of that moment in wartime, reflecting destruction.

The first bomb was dropped at 22:13 CET. The chart of that moment has Uranus semi square Midheaven. Pholus is exactly opposition Midheaven and square Varuna.

John Terry (again): Pholus?

John Terry was breathalysed after coliding with the car of a Chelsea security staff memeber, leaving the man with a broken leg. He went on driving and later went to the police. Should it be the effect of transit Pholus on the natal Sun at the time? Pholus*) seems to have the effect of Pluto, but harder.

Michael Jackson day of death
An hour of birth of 19:33 makes transit Pholus square his Ascendant on the day of death. There are even 3 more transits of Pholus on that day. Pholus is the symbol of venom, of shooting your own feet and of the point of no return. He didn’t have his come back…


I know someone who was real good at astrology but suddenly she dropped it with transit Pholus opposition progressed Sun.

My activities on the web started with Pholus square my natal Pluto and Progressed Sun, in a life changing year.

Pholus will be on my natal Sun and Midheaven in 2013 and trine Pluto. I’ll tell you all about it in 2014.

*) ‘unusual and thoughtless action’, that is what I read in the interesting article about Pholus (one of the Centaurs) on

*) Pholus is on 19th Century King William II of the Netherlands’ Sun now that his extravagant sexlife is being highlighted on tele. Pholus is also on the Sun of John Terry (cheated his wife with his best friends’ partner).


This article is a combination of two posts on the blog, where you can find more examples of the Pholus-effect by using the label or by searching for ‘Pholus’ on the blog or by using this link…

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