Nessus in astrology


The meaning of Nessus in transit or progression

Astrology is not astronomy. Astrologers aren’t astronomers. Few astrologers feel the urge to say something about astronomy, except when astronomers all of the sudden turned Pluto into a dwarf planet. The same man who suggested this, is the astronomer who gave Nessus it’s name. Three astrologers (apart!) askes him to use that name. One of them was Zanestein. He published a lot about Nessus (link: Here is some more about Nessus.


So, finding a name for the object Nessus was a matter of cooperation of astrologers and astronomers. The astronomer’s name was the late Brian Marsden. He is known for this, for turning Pluto into a dwarf and for a false alarm about a comet at the very moment that progressed Uranus was square his natal Sun. In astrology that is the equivalent of controversy and ….alarm. Brian Marsden was born August 5, 1937.


The picture above tells part of the story of Nessus that you can find on Wikipedia: Nessus was an evil centaur who was shot at an attempt to rape Heracles’ wife. He managed to convince Delineira that his blood was able to ensure the ever lasting love of Heracles for her, but in fact it was poison, killing Heracles.

You can help astrologers to find out what transits or progressions of Nessus are mirroring in your chart and life. Assumptions: wrath after death, boomerang-effect, return of an angry person from the past. My personal experience is that with transits or progressions of Nessus you will have to deal with jealous persons (on the job or because of your partner). But maybe you had a quite different experience? There  isn’t much information about Nessus, yet. On I mentioned a few examples. (

This object is now – March 2012- in the 24th degree of Aquarius (see where Nessus is today on this site: . There  isn’t much information about Nessus, yet. On I mentioned a few examples. (

So, Twitter about Nessus on Twitter/Astropost, use the mailbox (on homepage) or write a comment here. Did you notice Nessus during a transit or in progression? And if so, what happened?

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